Choose the right dress for your Body type

There is a substantial variation in the human traits both visible and non visible. It is not necessary that the variances are trivial or vital but these differences definitely make a huge mark! Humans have different physical appearances which are made on the basis of height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, build etc. In fact, it is so important to be different that one can just not imagine a life living amongst identical people.

This physical difference is also imperative in choosing our wardrobes. Ever wondered why a particular dress fits and suits you better than another or vice versa? This happens because a particular dress is apt for a specific body type. We all have different body types, proportions and assets that we should accentuate so that it creates a camouflage to hide our flaws.

Dressing according to your body type gives you an upper edge in fashion. It’s good to experiment various styles to suit your looks but it must not be done at the cost of your comfort. Choosing a dress according to your height is great but don’t ignore your body type or it can turn to be a disaster. A dress will only fit best if it is apt for a body type.

Our body type can be differentiated in five different categories. Let’s check them out!

Pear shape

a line
Pear shape is a body shape in which lower body is wider than upper body. A-line skirts are one of the best outfits that look great on these types of bodies. Try light coloured tops with dark bottoms that easily accentuate your upper half. You can also opt for boat-necks, square necks or crop tops. And those with a party mood, strapless dresses are just the right choice for you.

Wedge type



Wedge type of body shape comprises of narrow waist and hips. They mostly have broad shoulders. People with this body type can opt for bright colours bottom with wide leg pants. You can also experiment high-waist-style pants.

Rectangle Type

People with rectangular body shape look similar in every proportion. Their waist, hips and shoulders measure almost same. Those with this body type can experiment wearing scoop necks and long jackets. Top with collars or ruffles can also be an option.

Apple type


It is a body type in which most of the weight is accumulated above the hips. Monochromatic options look best on them. Choose tops having V-necks and you can also wear a wide waist belt to create a thin waist illusion. Pick dresses with flares that can easily camouflage your tummy bulge. You can also opt for boot cut or flared jeans.

Hourglass Type

This is very feminine body type and everybody yearns for it. If your shoulders and hips are in similar proportion coupled with a thin waist then you are blessed with this type. You can wear fitted dress that will enhance your curves. Experiment high waist skirt. Accessorise your dresses with belt on your waist. Go for skinny or straight jeans. Flaunt your curves! Don’t hide them under loose clothes.

Ladies, whatever body type you have just dress rightly according to your body type and get ready to take on the world with oodles of confidence.

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