#MAC-Matchmaster Shade Compact- Review

Hi fellas! We all have our beauty arsenals, but few are our favorites that make us look like a million dollars.Yes! i have my favorites too.Today’s girl, have to  look good and act smart .Foundation or daily compact  comes as a savior when we have to look our best. It adds that oomph to our looks and we dazzle and can be picture ready anytime when  it calls for selfie …….
Recently i tried MAC  Matchmaster Shade intelligence compact and i want to share my experience with you guys.

Well, no doubt this product gives you sheer coverage,and looks natural on your skin ,but you have to be really careful while choosing the right shade. Always try testing the shade on your neck and if that blends with your skin then that’s the shade for you.Here, i have tested the product on my hand.

As, you can see in the picture this shade 3.0 gives you orange tinch. So, if you are fair then please don’t go for this shade as it won’t turn out really well .Well, same happened with me the shade didn’t blend.One more thing this is not for oily skin people,but for combination skin or normal skin it’s like a miracle.It blurs your  pores, gives smooth finish and your skin glows.

Just use your finger to press the cushion and liquid oozes out and dot it all over your face. Then blend the whole product by using your makeup brush and get the look.
Now, you have finished it’s time for perfect click…

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  1. Nice Review. every products from the Brand MAC is so good and promising. I like their variety of range and shades. But truly expensive.

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