Embrace your own style and feel good

Hi fellas! Out there how have you been? I was away for a while you might be thinking that i am going to say same things like i was busy with something but, i am not going to give any excuses. Actually, i was away because i wanted to discover my own style and then show up. Well, i am glad that this short break really paid me off. What i have realised that we all are different and have different bodies so, we should embrace it gracefully. However, sometimes we end up imitating our favourites but hang on, that’s not us. We all have that sparkle in us we just have to give it some room to shine.

Nobody can take your creativity from you. I know sometimes we don’t feel good about ourselves our body and just hide in the clothes that camouflage the real us. Trust me everybody suffers from this situation once in their lives. So, i would say start exploring yourself and discover your own style. In this blog i have also tried inventing my own style and i want to share it with you guys.
Ruffles are in these days, whether its tops or dresses you can see ruffles everywhere from the fashion show to the street style. The look that i have created is casual and yet elegant Moreover, it is a small hack for the people who want to feel comfortable and but look elegant throughout their day.

I have my ruffle top on the top of my beige dress which i absolutely love. For me it is a perfect cheat sheet when some dress doesn’t fit me well or i am in the mood to wear my dress in the day time, this works perfectly for me. It is a perfect way to use my dress when it is hiding in my wardrobe. It also adds a bit contrast to your monochrome dress and is perfect for those coffee hangouts.I have tried pairing my peplums and various other tops have a look.

Hope you like my style and if you have better ideas of pairing it do share with me. Let’s create something exciting and unique.

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