Let’s get connected influencers and brands through Inzpire me

Hi lovelies! You might be thinking what is this blog doing on my site .Well, i wanted to share with you guys this amazing platform for bloggers. I have just started core blogging but have learnt so many new things from my fellow bloggers. What i have realized that blogging is an art it is a full time work that requires dedication, creativity and hell lot of time. It takes hours to come up with the post that is engaging and worth reading.Bloggers, we are the one community which is helping each other to progress further. So, with same intention I would like to tell you about inzpire.me.


I just came across this platform recently and it provided me medium to get connected with the brands and businesses with whom I can work, So, if you are an aspiring blogger like me and looking for some opportunity then this is your chance to work with the brand whose products you might have reviewed earlier. Inzpire .me gives the brand the easiest way to approach influencer. All you have to set up a profile on inzpire me. During a sign up procedure you will be asked some questions like what’s your blog all about and how many followers you have and that’s it you are on board!

You can also connect your social media accounts to inzpire me like your facebook page, instagram, Google analytics and many more and this will provide visibility to your blog. You won’t be doing this for free but you can charge brands for doing this as per your popularity.

I have created my profile and availed this opportunity and now its your chance to get on board.I would love that if my fellow bloggers see this and jump start.

To create a profile on inzpire.me click on my personal link https://inzpire.me/?ref=isayfashion and get going. All the best Bloggers for your new venture.




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