How i styled my half and half ethnic outfit

Hi fellas! How have you been. It’s been a long that i have blogged about something interesting. If you follow me on instagram then you would have seen that recently i had spammed your feeds by wearing one of my favourite dresses. I am a fan of fusion and love to mix and match things and create something new out of it. This time the dress i am wearing is in half and half dress which is in collaboration with thestylesledge. Well, life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be this is the ideology of @thestylesledge. They help women to build their ideal wardrobe. They consider fashion as an art and body as a canvas. This Delhi designer brings you mix of Indian and western clothing with all the comfort and latest trend this season. Their main aim is to grace you up by keeping your pocket safe.So, explore thestylesledgde and take one step further to a stylish lifestyle.I instantly fell in the love with the dress the moment i saw it. I just loved the hues of the dress and its half and half portion just makes it so unique. It’s cute dream catcher accessory took my heart away and teleports me to the land of my own sweet dreams.

I have tried to add little bit flavour to this dress in three different ways and would like to share with you guys. I regret i would have created more looks with the dress but nevertheless, little things create big magic.

Khamba khadi style:

The first look i have for you is the turban one .Here i have used my red colored dupatta which compliments my dress color. I have turned it into a turban and worn it over my head. This look is inspired by the rajasthani culture where wearing turban is so prevalent. I have tried to add little bit spice to the folk culture to bring some traditional vibes to it.

Swag it up:

Next look i have created adds some swag to the simple dress. For this, i have added a black color leather jacket which goes well with my dress. To create this look just add your favourite leather jacket over your ethnic outfit and final look will turn like this.

Casual vibes:

The last one is to add some comfy and casual vibes to it. Here, i have simply used my dupatta as a scarf and that’s it you are ready to for a strol down the market. To create this look simply wear your dupatta like a scarf this will make you feel and look more comfy in the dress.


So, guys try every look and tell me which one suits me the best and which one you like the best. I would love to have some feedback. Lastly, thanks thestylesledge for collaborating you guys are wonderful and i am sure in future you will grab many eyes with the dresses like this.






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  1. First of all looking really Beautiful , second look you created is really stylish and third
    excited and waiting for your next post.

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